1. Craig Hairrell

    I have a suspicion that only a portion of the pipe collection is at Hahndorf. There was recently an auction (July 16th 2017) of an amazing array of historic pipes and related items at Scammell’s in nearby Norwood, SA. I bought some of them myself. It was not stated where they came from, but the collection was vast and impressive. I’m hoping to get confirmation from the auctioneer or the museum. Go to Scammel’s website to see the auction catalogue.

    • admin

      Hi Craig
      I hope there wasn’t any of the Buring collection at the auction as it’s held by the SA Migration Museum. I have been in contact with the museum so our family should have been notified first I would think. Thanks for letting me know I’ll be following this up.


      • Craig Hairrell

        My understanding is that the museum had only about half of the collection, 200 pieces, according to Nikki Sullivan, curator of the collection. A newspaper article about Philip Buring dated 1954 mentioned 400 pipes. There’s no reason to believe that Philip stopped adding to that collection through the 1990s, when the pipes were donated. It’s there anyone in the family who visited the museum at the store?

        • Craig Hairrell

          Interesting that you got a reply from Scammell’s. I did not. There’s the possibility that someone bought the balance of the collection from the family and was reselling it. A pipe and tobacciana collection of this size, breadth, and quality in the very same city as you family’s collection strikes me as very highly improvable.

          I would love for someone who remember the store’s museum to look at a photo of the display case. There were at least 4 numbered cases of the same style. Perhaps they’d ring a bell.

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