Adelaider Liedertafel

This is my great, great grandfather Heinrich Franz Rudolph Buring, known as Rudolph, in the centre of the picture. He was president of the Adelaider Liedertafel from 1904 to 1908. In the top right hand corner of the picture is Friedrich Armbruster, Rudolph’s boss. Rudolph went to work for Armbruster and Uhlmann in 1858 when he was fourteen years old. Rudolph’s father Friedrich Adolph Buring had died two years earlier in 1856. Rudolph later said that his boss Friedrich Armbruster was a father figure and roll model to him. Rudolph, having worked his way up from errand boy, went on to take over the tobacconist business in 1897.

Presidents of the Adelaider Liedertafel

Presidents of the Adelaider Liedertafel

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