Connecting Cousins

I recently had a cousin contact me from ‘out of the blue’.  Michael found my blog and, not having an email account, rang my workplace instead and left a message for me.  Because I’ve listed my voluntary work here on my blog he was able to contact me.

Michael and I have been calling and texting each other and sending photos.  I’m in South Australia and he’s in Victoria living near where our ancestors lived and has a fountain of family knowledge and photos to share!


Photo of Tamar Heeps nee Bodger

Tamar Heeps nee Bodger

 This picture Michael sent me is the first photo I have seen of my 3x great grandmother!

This is what makes having a blog and including ‘cousin bait’ so worth it.  If you are putting out ‘cousin bait’ on your blog be sure to have more than one way for them to contact you.

Coming Up Next – I’ll be writing a series of blog posts on my Buring ancestors.

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