Quelltaler-H Buring & Sobels Winery

The book about the Buring family winery Quelltaler which I bought on Ebay last week arrived Monday.  I’m still reading it but I thought I’d post a couple of pages.  Unfortunately there are some errors which I’ve found in the text so far.

In the picture below on the right hand side it says that in 1848 Frederick Adolph Buring arrived in South Australia with his wife and two sons on the Crown Prince Ludwig.  This is incorrect as Friedrich Adolph Buring arrived in 1849 with his wife and three sons, Rudolph, Hermann and Paul on the Princess Louise.  Friedrich’s brother Gustav also came on the Princess Louise.


Scanned page from Quelltaler


Scanned page from Quelltaler

Over all, though, this book is a great collection of photos and information and I’m really glad that I bought it to add to my collection of family history stuff!!!


  1. Michael

    Good stuff Kylie! You’ll have to contact the publishers with your corrections so they can update the book in later publications.

    • admin

      Unfortunately I can’t, it was printed privately, a run of 1000 in 1967. All the correct details are in my research. If I ever publish a family history it will be in that. Thanks for reading my blog!

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