IE Security :-)

A friend posted this to the LinuxSA mailing list today. LinuxSA is my local Linux User Group. SA is South Australia. This one minute animation was created to help people understand Internet Explorer’s security levels. IE Security It’s funny. is a new group I’m involved with in South Australia. This is from our website-“As a community organisation, is an acronym for Bettong Environment Technology and Training Open Network Group. is a group of people creating, developing and running community based projects (usually with a heavy tech flavour).We chose Bettong in the … [Read more…]

A New Dilemma

Well I guess this is a bit of a new dilemma for me. I’ve got so much work at the moment that I can’t do it all. My main priority is homeschooling Jess and I have to watch that I don’t take on too many things as I have a tendency to do that. Living … [Read more…]

New Spring Vegie Planting

Jessica and I started a new vegie garden bed last week. We mowed the grass and weeds, put down a layer of flattened cardboard boxes and newspaper and put compost and mulch on top. We’ve planted corn, sunflowers and pumpkins. Then we got polystyrene boxes put holes in the bottom filled them up with compost … [Read more…]

Digital Photos & Local Show

I got some of my digital photos printed at a cool photo printing booth thingy at the chemist today 🙂 I’m going to enter some of them in the local Agricultural & Horticultural Show which is on next weekend! It’s all rather fun. Jessica is entering a photo and a cake. Other years we have … [Read more…]