Need For Intermediate Linux Help Websites, Tutorials etc

There is a definite need for intermediate level Linux training, websites and tutorials. I’m no longer a newbie but i’m a long way off being a guru. These two are poles apart. I may never achieve guru status, and probably I don’t need or necessarily want to but i’m not a newbie anymore either. Where is the middle ground? Where are the websites, user groups, mailing lists, magazines which address this need?

Tux Magazine is great for desktop users, of which I am one. I recommend it to my students who would benefit from it, it meets a great need for newbies. A couple of years ago it would’ve been my main resource for help but now I’m looking for more.

“Don’t Be Afraid Of The Terminal Window” – Sydney Nash in his letter to the Editor in the latest Tux Magazine says; It’s disconcerting to be set down in a new environment where things are dumbed down for us. I haven’t found a quick tutorial/reference for Bash that I like-I bet Tux could do something like that; “50 Commands Every Linux User Ought To Know”. Tux Magazine answer is no that’s not for our target audience. Which is fine they need to stick to newbie stuff but as I keep saying where is the intermediate stuff.

So here’s a challenge, anyone looking to contribute to the Linux community start writing some intermediate type tutorials or howtos and stick them on a website. Don’t assume that the reader has the same level of knowledge that you have still keep them simple. Some topics I think could be covered are:

Where do files (programs) go when using Apt, Synaptic or Kynaptic?
After installing as above how do you edit menus for programs that don’t go into menus?
File Systems
Package Management
Sound & Other Multimedia Troubleshooting (Ubuntu)
xorg Configuration
Bit Torrent
Network Printing (Ubuntu)
Network File Sharing

What other topics are people after? What do you or have you found difficult to do on your system? I’ve fluked getting some things working on my systems and I don’t know how I got them to work or I’ve forgotten. Howtos on some of the above would be great for me.

Please tell me if there places that have this type of info that i’m missing?

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