LinuxChix-Perceived Lack Of Intermediate Level Linux Tutorials

I sent the previous post here to a couple of mailing lists (LinuxChix Bettong) I’m on. I got some good responses too. One is a friend who started her own blog after reading mine, another suggested I put my blog with a collection of LinuxChix blogs. The best response was from Jenn Vesperman suggesting that I join the LinuxChix techtalk list, read the messages and ask questions there as well as the NewChix list. She also recommended Carla Schroder’s ‘Linux Cookbook’ which I’ve talked about here before and O’Reilly’s ‘Running Linux’. Good stuff!!

I’d like to be able to write tutorials and howtos myself as I learn more and am more confident too. I enjoy writing the training materials that I use for ‘office skills’ type classes.

I’ve just finished teaching a six week ‘Back To The Office – Computing For Mums’ course. It was great, the four ladies who participated in the course all had great outcomes at the end. Everyone had a well presented resume by the end of the course, two applied for jobs, one is doing a TAFE computer course and one is doing voluntary office work to further her skills! I’m looking forward to the next one next term now too!!!


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