Open Office Probs

I found that when I removed everything (a file called sversionrc was in a couple of places) to do with Open Office and then reinstalled it worked!  

I will be upgrading these machines when the current word processing class has finished.  It wouldn’t be nice to do it to them in the middle of their lessons.

I’ve got a job interview today for a part-time temporary job with the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It’s a long time since I’ve had a job interview. Usually it’s me interviewing others not being interviewed. Hopefully it’ll be okay.

Open Office Probs

I’m running Open Office 1.0.2 on Mandrake 9.1 (at work on one of my student boxes) and having the following error message come up when trying to save a document-

Error saving document. Wrong parameter. The operation was started under an invalid parameter.

After this message OO closes and the document is lost.  OO has run fine on this machine for about 2 years.  I renamed the Open Office directory and reinstalled it but it still does the same thing.  I’ve searched the OO support pages and FAQs but haven’t come up with anything.

I asked the NewChix list at Linux Chix and was politely referred to Google. There’s plenty on Google about this but all the answers say reinstall which I’ve already tried.

I’m going to an ITShare meeting today so hopefully someone will be able to help me there.

I’ll post the results so that anyone else having this prob can hopefully benefit (that is of course if anyone ever reads this 🙂
I’ve got to get this fixed by Friday when the next word processing class is.

If anyone does happen to read this and has fixed this problem could you please post your findings here!!!!

Mother’s Day

I’m very happy my son has come to stay with us for the weekend for Mother’s Day!! He bought me Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a voucher to Target! Shopping and chocolate hmmmm nice 🙂 I’m glad he could come and visit as he’s working now and doesn’t get many chances I don’t care about the presents I just want to spend time with him.

My daughter gave me seeds for the garden!! and is taking me out for lunch. I cherish the time we get to spend together it is very precious.

Tuxracer Courses

We’ve been creating great Tuxracer courses!! and will be uploading them to Tuxracer websites soon. If I do eventually get around to making my own website again I’ll probably put them there too. If you haven’t done it before it is easy and a great way for kids to learn. Good motivation for them too. We had a ball. I’ve taught my daughter and a small computing class too.

If you don’t have Tuxracer you can get it here. There’s information here for getting your 3d graphics card working properly under Linux. I used their instructions and info from too.

Another good website is Tuxracer Belly Rub this is probably where I’ll upload our courses.

Monday and Tuesday this week my daughter and I attended the Connecting Up conference put on by CommunIT. I had put in a submission and was accepted to speak. I think it went very well. There were good responses to my presentation which was about Developing A Training Program Using F.O.S.S. (free and open source software). I’ll have some photos to post here soon.