Mannum Waterfalls

I went with my daughter and a group of friends from church to the waterfalls about 15 minutes drive from my house. We had a bbq there and then went hiking. I cheated a bit and drove part of the way. Jessica and I set out on our own but were soon joined by a friend. Just as well because I needed his help to get over some of the difficult bits. This is where I probably should’ve turned back….but I didn’t. We went further and the going got tougher. I was beginning to overheat and feel dizzy. We rested, but when we got to the head of the falls I knew I couldn’t climb out that way. Another friend joined us and they helped me to jump the creek and climb out a different way. I definitely conquered my fear of heights that day!!!! The way that we climbed out was shorter but not much easier. I’ll put some photos up so you can see what I mean. I still can’t quite believe I climbed up those cliffs!

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