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Now that I have ADSL I will probably be doing more blogging and might actually get around to changing the decor in here.

Saturday I got my ADSL router, set it up Sat arvo, wouldn’t work. DSL light flashing, no sync. Contacted ISP, said they’d log a fault report with Telstra. Rang them Monday, they checked a few things I took the router to them to be checked and they said the router was fine. Telstra tech, nice bloke, came out Tuesday arvo checked the line and everything else and said it’s definitely not the line it’s the router 🙂 I raced back to my ISP before closing time and they gave me a temporary replacement router which is working beautifully!!!!! It has been so tantilising to have a router sitting there and yet not be able to use it. I’m glad it’s all working now, the ISP has been fine about it all, I’m definetely not whinging just telling what happened 🙂

I’ve almost got my submission to speak at the next all ready. I’ve got several people reading it for me at the moment to see what needs changing for fixing. It’s getting exciting!

I was amazed to receive an email from Jonathan Oxer the president of Linux Australia asking me if he could talk about the work that I do at Teen Challenge at a conference in Sydney next week. I said yes of course. WOW someone wants to talk about me and the work I’m doing…………

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