1. Ellen Mary survives long scary ocean voyage alone,
    is only 17,
    been married for a month,
    hardly seen her parents in months, is shipwrecked and walks miles and miles while hungry and in shock,
    in a soggy long dress …

    we shouldn’t moan about anything in our comfy modern lives.
    I hope you have plenty of her mitochondrial genes strength yourself!

  2. My son found a very old fragment of china on a beach near West Cape Howe a few years ago. I’ve been researching shipwrecks in the area and I think the Harlequin may be where it’s from!

    Warm regards


    • kira0030

      Hi Rachel
      That’s incredible! I would love to see a picture of the piece if you still have it. I had a look at your blog and we have some things in common. I homeschooled my children, I do natural dyeing, felting, crochet etc and I’m interested in sustainability. Thanks for getting in touch.
      Kind regards

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