You Can Research Your Home

If you live in an older home in South Australia you may be able to find out about it by following the tips from the State Library and State Records of South Australia, you don’t need to be a historian to find things out.

You will be surprised by what you can find out about the home you live in.

The State Library has a downloadable guide for Researching your locality in the collections of the State Library of South Australia which covers

Almanacs and directories
• Architecture in South Australia
• Mapping sources for South Australian history
• South Australian newspapers

as well as Tracing the History of a House

State Records has House or Property History which takes you through how to use their Archives Search, the South Australian Integrated Land Information System (SAILIS), Location SA, Maps of the Surveyor General’s Office, 1808-1946, land tax assessment returns and more.

Working Across Two Windows

I have difficulty retaining information when I swap from one open web browser tab to another one.

I find it much easier to have two web browser windows open and make them approximately half the screen size each. The example above shows two web browser windows both open to different pages on I find this much easier to copy information from one window and manually enter it into the other. For example adding children to a family.

Photo Colourisation From My Heritage

Lots of my friends have been playing with this colourisation tool. If you haven’t tried it yet go to the link and click Upload Photo. As your photo is uploading you’ll be prompted to login or sign up. The login link is right at the very bottom of the popup window. It is free to sign up to My Heritage and the photo colourisation is free too.

My great grandparents Jessie Boyd and Charles Wigley

You can download each photo as you colourise it or you can go to ‘My Photos’ and look at all of them and choose which ones you want to download from there. I don’t receive anything from My Heritage for publishing this post, it is simply that I like the tool they’ve created.