Unexpected Genealogy

This is a bonus blog post today.  It’s a coincidental thing which happened so it definitely wasn’t on my editorial calendar but I’m very happy to ditch the blog schedule when this happens!!

I went to the Fleece and Fibre Fair in Mt Pleasant (South Australia)

today to buy more lovely yarn and wool roving for my textile art.  I already have photographs of ancestor’s graves from the nearby Mt Torrens cemetery so I wasn’t thinking genealogy when I left home.


Mt Pleasant Soldiers Memorial Hall

Fleece & Fibre Fair

The merchants selling their lovely wares.

In a little side room off the main hall I found these honour rolls and soldiers’ photos.

Frank Henry Hicks

Frank Henry Hicks my first cousin once removed, who died on 10 October 1918, Israel.

There is more information about Frank on my family tree website.

Has this sort of unexpected genealogy happened to anyone else?  Please share your stories in the comments as we’d all like to hear about them.

Mt Pleasant District Honour Roll

Mt Pleasant District Honour Roll

The Great War - In the front line trenches

 In The Front Line Trenches


Mt Pleasant District Honour Roll

Those who paid the supreme sacrifice.

Man in Viking costume

And I couldn’t help but include a picture of this chap at the Fair in his terrific Viking get up!!

For my next post I’ll try and get back on schedule!! 🙂

Midden by Deb Sleeman

This sculpture is at the corner of The Esplanade and Semaphore St, Semaphore, South Australia.  It represents many of the activities, attributes and history of this seaside suburb.  There are fish, ship’s mastheads, cars, the laughing clowns, carousel and ferris wheel from the foreshore amusements, the train, seagulls, fishing net, buildings, a whale and a stingray, and the symbol of the local football team ‘Port Power’ the hand holding the lightning bolt.


A quote from the website;

A midden is a repository of detritus from a culture accumulated over millennia and can show successive layers of occupation by aboriginal peoples. As well as comprising many activities (i.e. fishing and hunting) and events from different periods, they often include waste from flaking stone and lost or broken tools, thus providing keys to the cultural activities of the group using that particular midden.

Basic Crochet Hat Pattern

Basic Crochet Hat Pattern

Various crochet hats – baby, child and adult sizes.  I made up my own patterns as I went along.

Baby hat with turn up brim
Start with a magic ring, use any number of double crochet stitches
Double crochet an approx 17cm circle (make larger circle for child’s or adult’s hat) Increase as needed to keep the circle flat
Decrease all the way around circle
Several more rows of double crochet make the sides of the hat
Continue with double crochet enough to turn up

Picture of crocheted hats

These hats were donated to the Queensland Flood Appeal

Open Source Crafting

I like this idea of expanding upon the tenets of the Open Source software movement to include crafting.  “Open source means you can look at the pattern for free, and are welcome to change it, recreate it and share your creations with the world.”  Although I don’t use patterns very much you are welcome to use what you can from this blog.  Also scroll down to see the Creative Commons license in the sidebar on the left.  If you do use something of mine and put it online please include a link back to my blog.  I’d love to hear about what you’ve done too!!

Thanks  🙂

Crocheted Computer

Embedded Chips