Midden by Deb Sleeman

This sculpture is at the corner of The Esplanade and Semaphore St, Semaphore, South Australia.  It represents many of the activities, attributes and history of this seaside suburb.  There are fish, ship’s mastheads, cars, the laughing clowns, carousel and ferris wheel from the foreshore amusements, the train, seagulls, fishing net, buildings, a whale and a stingray, and the symbol of the local football team ‘Port Power’ the hand holding the lightning bolt.


A quote from the website;

A midden is a repository of detritus from a culture accumulated over millennia and can show successive layers of occupation by aboriginal peoples. As well as comprising many activities (i.e. fishing and hunting) and events from different periods, they often include waste from flaking stone and lost or broken tools, thus providing keys to the cultural activities of the group using that particular midden.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Kylie… Semaphore and Semaphore Road, in particular, are precious to me.Two years ago my adult children & grandchildren joined me there for my birthday celebrations… so I could share with them a little of my childhood memories and the stories of my elders 🙂 … Cheers, Catherine

    • admin

      Hi Catherine
      I love Semaphore too, my Grandma lived on The Esplanade across from the Surf Life Saving Club. We had some great times at the amusements and on the beach.

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