I’ve decided I’m going to submit a paper to speak at the main not just at the Education Miniconference.

I’m going to make my paper a type of ‘Report From A Past Regional Delegate’. As I won the opportunity to go to this year’s Linux Conf in Canberra (look at previous posts) as part of the Regional Delegates Program I would like to report on what has happened since then.

I’m hoping it will make an interesting enough paper to be chosen. It may also start a new precedent that some of the previous years delegates go to the next conference to talk about what they’re doing now.

Linux.Conf.Au in Dunedin

Re: Comment On A Bit Of Everything Post

This is my no dig garden with the cherry tomatoes. I’ve posted this pic in reply to Kate’s request in the comments. So here you are Kate.

I made this garden bed using hay bales as the sides and filling in the centre with flattened cardboard boxes and then a shallow layer of potting mix. I put a sheet of lattice over the top to stop my dog getting into it. I left it on there and it was fine it didn’t cause any problems and definitely kept the dog out!

Kubuntu-Static Gateway Settings

I was feeling quite pleased with myself that I’d found a problem with Kubuntu, in using the gui to set up the network, and found a way to get around it by myself and then this morning I found out that it’s already been documented on I could’ve fixed the problem a lot quicker if I’d gone there. Oh well I learnt more working it out for myself this time.

So for anyone else who might be trying to set up a network check out the above link before you do it.

A Bit Of Everything

Home Education
We have a Home Education review coming up. I was stressing a bit about filling out the paperwork – paperwork is not my favourite thing. So I rang the Home Ed office and they said I can fill out the paperwork with the review officer when they come for the interview, that was a load off my mind!

I’ve been looking for online collaborative learning projects my daughter can get involved in but I haven’t been able to find any. I don’t know if I just haven’t been able to find any or they just aren’t there. In the open source software world just about everything is online and collaborative, I’d love for her to be able to get involved in a project. She designed and created her own CD which has open source and shareware software on it for Windows. She called it the Helping & Learning CD. It has educational, games and production software on it. She’s going to sell (for cost of cd) it to other home ed-ers, family and friends in our area. For a 12 year old I think she’s done well.

My Garden
I got two chooks so I’ve got chook poo for the garden and they’ve started laying already so fresh eggs too. Last year I made a no dig garden bed out of old boxes squashed flat and hay bales as the sides and filled it up with potting mix. Last year we grew cherry tomatoes and the birds ate the parsley. Now we’ve got broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, beans and some flowers. We’ve got strawberry plants in a tub and will be getting some more soon. I also want to plant herbs in tubs too. I will be gradually making more no dig garden beds as I have time and the inclination. Will post some photos some time 🙂

Mum & Crafts
My Mum is coming for a visit today so we will be doing craft, talking and eating! Mmmm cauliflower soup. I can’t wait til I’m using my home grown caulis!!!!!

We will also talk tech as Mum is a retired computer tech! It’s in the family, my sister is an excellent tech and teacher too.

I play the flute and tin whistle and sing. I love to improvise on the flute and tin whistle! I play at my church as well as at home I’ll just pick up either instrument and play, sometimes while I’m waiting for something to print or reboot 🙂

Newbie And Not So Newbie
No more tech sagas at the moment 🙂 tho they will come again.

These came from a recent discussion on LinuxChix of good Linux books for beginners-
Carla Schroder’s Linux Cookbook

This was a good idea posted to the list too-
You might also consider a subscription to O’Reilly’s Safari Online, For $19.99/mo you get online access to 10 books; there are other subscription
levels as well. You get all kinds of publishers, not just O’Reilly, and there
is a 14-day free trial.

And a useful website –

I’ve also come across – Dr Bob’s Low Fat Linux for newbie help

I’m thinking of making a website with my teaching materials, newbie help links, tips etc. I’m not sure whether to keep it as my own personal site or put it with the Teen Challenge site….

I’d better go back and put in the html for all these links. bye bye…………

Re: Long Time Since Last Post

One of the problems I’ve had with Kubuntu has been the installation. I’ve tried using different CDs, doing expert install but I just can’t get it to install on some machines. Where the installation stops can be different each time I’ve tried to install it too. Oh well I keep learning 🙂

I tried emailing the last blog post and the formatting is terrible! I’d like to keep emailing posts because I find it a lot quicker and easier but if I can’t fix the formatting I won’t.

There is a big discussion on email formatting happening on the LinuxSA Talk list at the moment. LinuxSA is my local Linux User Group and is renown for its discussions as well as being very good with tech help and advice.

Latest news at the Open Education Wiki
Linux for Teachers—A Two Day Tour
An in service course for teachers is being prepared. This will be a first course for Computer Studies teachers and others using Computers in schools. It is envisaged that this may be the first of a series on a variety of FOSS topics.

More information is at the site. I think this is a great initiative! Linux won’t go into schools on a large scale until teachers know more about it and what it can do.