1. Shauna Hicks

    My is a word too so easy to skip over and also an odd abbreviation for Mary, at least I haven’t seen it often. It always pays to review your research for new resources or just a fresh look. I like your advice about dedicating personal family research time too.

    • admin

      It’s certainly helping my own family tree having the set time to work on it and it encourages me to fit in an extra bit here and there on other days too instead of thinking it’s too much to get into right now. Thanks for your comment!!


  2. Rossalyn Dunstall

    Good one Kylie…..so easy to over look things. St Marys is one we had. St Marys in the town they lived in and presumed it was the same they married in, but one day just looked at the marriage cert. and yes….St Marys in another town. Never seen Mary abbreviated but will now keep in mind. Cheers Ros

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