A New Household Addition

I haven’t been well lately so haven’t been doing much genealogy research or blogging.  I hope to blog more often now.

I’ve also had a couple of changes in my household.

My dear old darling girl Ezri had to be put down in February, she was 11 years old, I’d had her since she was a puppy.

And this is Squizzy my new baby.
Squizzy is from the Greyhound Adoption Program in South Australia, she’s 4 years old and her racing name was Tears And Rain.  She likes travelling in the car and especially loves squeaky toys and fluffy things.  She’s always running off with balls of wool when I’m trying to crochet or just pinching them out of the boxes and putting them on her bed.


  1. kevix

    sorry to hear you are not well. hope you feel better. sorry to hear about your old dog and happy to hear about your new one!

  2. Mama_Winks

    Kylie, so sad for you and your late precious girl but so good to see you also adopt dogs who need a home. We have Cooper, a greyhound cross (maybe crossed with mastiff or some similar kind of tall muscular dog). He’s brindle-coloured and looks like a heavier-set version of Squizzy. She looks gorgeous, does she like cuddles and touching or is she still getting used to you? Wil x

  3. Kylie Willison

    Hi Wil
    Squizzy loves cuddles, we've had to come to an arrangement that she can't sleep on the bed with me because there isn't enough room, so she can be on my bed during the day but at night she has to sleep on her bed.

    She loves soft, squeaky toys and playing in the backyard.

    She follows me around everywhere, I would be lost without her now, it hasn't taken us long to bond at all. 🙂

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