Getting The Big Picture

I’m still organising all the information I found out whilst away on holiday.  One of the things that’s standing out to me at the moment is the big picture and how every small piece of information adds to that.  Sometimes a piece of information may seem small and insignificant but when added with all the other pieces they form a big picture!!

My Wigley ancestors came to South Australia from England, lived in Burra and worked in the mines there.  They then went to the Maryborough area in Victoria again working in mining, then on to mining in Sandhurst (Bendigo).

Charles Robert Wigley married Eleanor Greenway in Burra.  Eleanor’s parents and siblings, also having come from England, moved from Burra to Maryborough and Sandhurst (Bendigo).

Some of the Greenways went to Charters Towers, Queensland for mining.  Later one of their nephews Eleanor’s son Frederick John Wigley also went to Charters Towers as a miner, marrying and raising a family there.

The Knuckey family also came to South Australia from England and were in Burra at the same time as the Wigleys later moving to Sandhurst (Bendigo) as the Wigleys had done.  There’s a later connection between the Wigleys and Knuckeys, I wonder how well the families knew each other….

Loving putting all the pieces of the puzzle together!

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