Welfare Payments Reform & Home Education

This is a concern for many home educating families. Will home educators have to record daily school attendance and verify their children’s attendance in order to receive Family Tax Benefit? In her Homeschool Australia Newsletter, Beverley Paine takes this one step further and wonders whether:

A more onerous requirement might see home educators forced to comply with state or national curriculum guidelines.

It’s well worth reading the rest of Beverley’s article at the above link as she ignores the hype and puts this issue into perspective.

I have brought my concerns on this issue to a political party and will also be in touch with my local federal MP. Politicians aren’t always aware of the prevalence of home educating or of how new and old laws effect home educating families.

Home educating families who chose not to register with the Education Department in their state may find themselves ‘hiding’ from the education department and Centrelink. They will be the ones most effected.

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