Nokia 6233 Mobile Phone

I’m having fun with my new Nokia phone. It’s a camera and mp3 player. It’s got an organiser, reminders, alarms, notes, to-do list. I installed the MS Windows software and uploaded some music and photos. Then I rebooted into Ubuntu and was able to mount the memory card in ‘data transfer mode’. Don’t you just love Linux. No extra software needed, it reads the phone’s memory card the same as any form of flash memory.


  1. Kylie Willison

    I have found that accessing the phone’s memory card in Linux I have to make sure that I unmount the card as root or else the whole computer locks up-no keyboard, nothing. CTRL ALT Backspace won’t do anything I have to turn the computer off and reboot.

    Another tip is to open a file browser, view hidden files and delete the .trash folder because it takes up unnecessary space on the memory card.

  2. ഞാന്‍

    well the camera provided on Nokia phones are generally poor performers when compared to its competitors. But in this case the picture clarity of Nokia N70 is much much better than Nokia 6233.

    Even with good lights, the picture is blurry in some regions of photo, no need to say in low lights!!!!

    And the missing forward/rewind options in video playback.

    The sound clarity and volume – the best feature I found in Nokia 6233 (and which made me to buy it)….

    Do you have any idea on how to flash the phone into a Linux based firmware (I came to this blog by googling “Flashing Nokia 6233 with Linux”). If yes please mail to (royal.mexian at gmail dot com)


  3. Kylie Willison

    Yes you’re right the camera is bad for indoor pics.

    Sorry I don’t know how to change the firmware. There are many Linux mailing lists around where you could ask. I’m on LinuxSA you could try there.

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