The Amazing Race – The 2nd Stage

Jessica won the first checkpoint.

The country you are going to now is written about in the Old Testament. If you go to this website what country are you now in?

“The history of this country is a fundamental part of the history of human civilization.” Where can you find this quote on the website?
Name the Prime Minister (not the president).
The Pharaonic Era is divided into three divisions. What are they called? Who conquered Egypt in 323 BC?
“Land And People” The Suez Canal-How long is the Suez Canal? True or false the Suez Canal is the longest canal in the world with no locks? How deep is the canal?

You are now in Cairo find photos of Egyptian landmarks – the Sphinx, a pyramid, hieroglyphics. What will you eat while you are here? Mark Egypt on your map and trace your journey like Joseph going from Canaan to Egypt.

Here is your next checkpoint. Make sure you’ve got everything you need to proceed with the race. Wait here until you receive your next instructions.

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