The Amazing Race – The 3rd Stage

You have to fly from Egypt to Antananarivo the capital of Madagascar.
Use to find a flight. You will need to convert the price from GBP to Australian dollars, try the Universal Currency Converter to do this Keep a note of how much money you spend in your travel diary.

Madagascar – Antananarivo (all the answers are on this site)
Name some of the wildlife unique, or endemic, to Madagascar, include photos.

On the island of Madagascar where is the capital city located? Eg. top, bottom, middle, left or right side?
What are the people of Madagascar called? There is one language in Madagascar, is it spoken by all of its people?
Is Christianity the main religion of Madagascar?
How many ethnic groups are there in Madagascar?
When was Madagascar settled by people of Indonesian/African descent?

You need to go to the Gulf Of Antongil. What is the quickest way to get there from Maroansetra? What is dangerous about swimming there? What is the climate there? What clothes would you wear? What is special about this area?

Bring all your things to the checkpoint-diary, map, photos and answers to questions.

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