The Amazing Race – Web Quest

I’ve developed this race for the kids. I act as the race judge. This is the first email I sent to them:

This is the beginning of The Amazing Race. There are no teams in this race, you are on your own. Instructions and clues will be emailed to you throughout the race so you will need to check your emails regularly. At a checkpoint you will have to provide proof of completing each race stage through your diary, map, photos, emails, printouts and answering questions.

Keep a diary of where you have been throughout the race, keep note of the websites you visit and print out or photocopy a map of the world. Mark the places you visit and the route you took to get there.
You start the race with $20,000. You must fly to your first stop, Israel. Try and get the cheapest possible flight you can to save your money for later in the race. Any cheating will result in penalties being given or disqualification. Penalties can be starting a stage of the race again or waiting for 2 hours at a checkpoint.

Checkpoints are places where your stage results will be checked. If you haven’t completed a stage correctly you won’t be able to pass that checkpoint. Prizes are also given at checkpoints.

Enjoy the Amazing Race and don’t be left behind!

The race began on Monday 14 August. We are all enjoying doing it! I’m learning lots because I’m doing the research on a country sending it out to the kids and then checking their answers when they send them back to me.

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