Whale Watching

We went to Victor Harbor yesterday for a funeral while we were there we had lunch at a lovely little deli and walked out to Granite Island to look for whales. We didn’t see any whales but we did see some seals and penguins. We all took turns taking heaps of photos. Victor Harbor Whale … [Read more…]

My Photo Website & Other Stuff

I’m currently designing a website to put most of my photos on (well the ones I want publicly available anyway). I don’t really want to ‘clog my blog’ with heaps of photos. I love photography, I’m not necessarily good at it but having a digital camera has allowed me to persue this hobby. We all … [Read more…]

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

I went to the preview performance last night of our local production of Joseph which Jessica’s in. It was terrific! It was very bright, energetic, colourful, funny and full of life. The kids were great, they really knew their stuff and worked hard! Jessica’s been coming home from rehearsals worn out but happy. Our theatre … [Read more…]

Re: Another Recycling + Linux Project

The original post is here. The Year 12 students have been working well on this project. They’re making their way through the piles of assorted tech. So far we have one box which has Xubuntu installed. They were so excited to install the base Ubuntu system and then configure the network from the command line … [Read more…]

May The Source Be With You

Pia Waugh from Linux Australia is featured in this rather patchy article in the Sydney Morning Herald technology section. Pia is represented well in the article, it covers all the things she’s involved in but I feel it kind of jumps around all over the place. One minute it’s talking about her community work and … [Read more…]

National Home Education Week 21 – 27 May 2006

“Homeschoolers around Australia celebrate National Home Education Week annually in May. Themotivation behind this is to inform the general community about this enriching alternative toregular school attendance and to celebrate the freedom we have as families working toward acommon end. There will be events held in cities and many country areas.” This is quoted from … [Read more…]