The Amazing Race – The Fifth Stage – Beijing

We take up the race again today after a break for work days and the weekend.

What international sporting/athletics event is being held in Beijing in two years time.

Travel In Beijing – Fill In The Gaps (find these quotes on the above website)
At the Temple of Heaven Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911) worshiped Heaven and prayed for ___________.

The double surrounding wall separates the temple into the inner and outer temples with the main structures in the inner one, covering _______________________. Please include some photos. When was the temple built and during whose reign?

The Great Wall at Badaling
The Great Wall was the greatest ____________________________ ancient China.
Its construction started during _____________________ and the Warring Stated Period (770-221 B.C.) At that time, walls were built by some warring states to protect their own territories.
What other important facts can you tell me about the Great Wall. Include some photos of your visit to the Wall.

Bring all your things to the checkpoint-diary, map, photos and answers to questions.


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