GEDCOM X A New Standard?


The GEDCOM X project is FamilySearch‘s offering to the community of a set of free and open specifications, libraries, and tools defining how genealogical data can be stored, shared, searched, and secured across all phases of the genealogical research process.

This is a new and exciting development in the genealogical community.  At present it is difficult to export and import a .gedcom file from one program to another without some data loss and errors, hopefully .gedcomx will be able to address these and other issues.

I will be excitedly following the project and hope to be able to contribute to it a little as well.


.gedcomx model

.gedcomx model

If you scroll about half way down this page there is more explanation of what the .gedcomx will cover.

The intent of GEDCOM X is to define a standard for modeling and exchanging the components of the research process that comprise the genealogical proof standard:

  • Search Reliable Sources
  • Cite Each Source
  • Analyze Sources, Information, and Evidence
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Make a Soundly-Reasoned Conclusion