St John Ambulance Cadets

I was going through a box of memorabilia tonight when I came across my St John Ambulance cadet certificates and badges.  I think I was missing a couple of service stripes for my years as a cadet.  I remember doing the drill and training but not so much the exams.  I loved the events that we went to to provide first aid support to the senior officers.  We went to agricultural shows, the Schützenfest at Hahndorf, South Australia and Christmas Pageants.  As it says in the Wikipedia link the Schützenfest was held in mid summer resulting in many cases of too much to drink, heatstroke and extreme sunburn for us to treat.


Our uniform was a white dress and black beret with a grey wool cape for winter.  It wasn’t very practical at all.  Thankfully in later years it changed so that women could wear trousers.  The below photos show cadets from another South Australian country town, during the time I was a cadet.  I couldn’t find pictures of my own cadet division online.


2 thoughts on “St John Ambulance Cadets

  • August 11, 2017 at 6:44 am

    An interesting insight into the cadets about which I knew nothing. Do you still have a First Aid certificate?

    • August 11, 2017 at 7:26 am

      I didn’t keep up with my first aid but what I learnt has served me well and I still use it today. When my son was about four months old I went in to check on him during the night and he was barely breathing. Thankfully I knew what to do and pulled him out of the cot, gave him a good whack on the back and he brought up a lump of mucus he was gagging on. Kylie


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