The Ancestral Places Geneameme

Thanks to Alona from Lone Tester for this geneameme.  Using the alphabet how many letters can you name ancestral places for?

  • A – Adelaide, South Australia (Willison, Scadden, Buring)
  • B – Berlin, Prussia (Buring)
  • C – Cornwall, England (Scadden)
  • D – Draughton, Northamptonshire, England (Heeps)
  • E – Elmore, Victoria, Australia (Heeps, Boyd)
  • F – Flaxley, South Australia (Willison)
  • G – Geelong, Victoria, Australia (Welsh)
  • H – Hindmarsh, South Australia (Willison)
  • I – Ireland (Plunkett, Hayward)
  • J – Jamaica (Carousa, Caransa)
  • K – Kettering, Northamptonshire, England (Bodger)
  • L – Littlehampton, South Australia (Weller, Wigzell)
  • M – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Welsh)
  • N – Nottinghamshire, England (Wigley)
  • O – Oxford, England (Tibbatts)
  • P – Prussia, Germany (Buring)
  • Q – Queenstown, South Australia (Welsh)
  • R – Richmond, South Australia (Chapman, Weller)
  • S – Scotland (Reid, Willison, Burnett, Boyd)
  • T – Tylden, Victoria, Australia (Humphrey)
  • U –
  • V – Victoria, Australia (Heeps, Boyd)
  • W – Westminster, Middlesex, England (Chamberlain)
  • X –
  • Y –
  • Z –


  1. admin

    This was a great exercise to do and because of it I’ve been able to knock down another major brick wall in my research. I was looking through my Ancestry family tree and saw that there were some hints for my 3x great grandparents in Germany. I now have my 3x great grandfather’s birth and baptism record as well as the names of his parents and I’ve found two siblings as well. Super excited!!

  2. Wow, you really have a bit of all sorts in there Kylie. Aussie, English, Irish, Scottish, German and I see Jamaica!! That’s cool. Thanks for taking part in the geneameme, and woohoo to breaking down the major brickwall that I saw you mentioned in the comments above.

    • admin

      Thanks Alona, it’s an English family in Jamaica, I’m guessing they owned or managed a sugar plantation. I’m thrilled with the breakthrough in my German ancestry!!

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