Army Artifacts Of South Australia

I keep meaning to visit the South Australian Army Museum at Keswick Army barracks on Anzac Highway, Adelaide.  I came across this article today, on the ABC Radio website, which makes me even keener to visit.

In one of the city’s oldest buildings, nestled alongside one of our busiest highways is one of Australia’s best military museums and one of Adelaide’s little known treasures.

Boasting one of the country’s best war medals collections, valued at several millions of dollars, the Army Museum of South Australia is a collection of military treasures, and a treasure in itself.

Visitors can walk through the trenches of the Western Front, peer into a Gallipoli bunker, see the Kokoda Track pathways or immerse into the streetscape of wartime Europe.

I hope it will give me more information about my grandfather William Burnett Willison and other family members who fought in World War One and Two and the experiences they had.

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