Google’s New E-bookstore

I read about Google’s new e-bookstore on Dick Eastman’s blog and went to check it out.  The simple search of the word Australia gave me great results like:

  • Six Months In South Australia by Thomas Horton James
  • Two volumes on Charles Sturt’s expeditions
  • South Australia by Henry Capper 1838
  • Description Of South Australia by Theodore Scott

Many of my ancestors came to South Australia in the early years of the colony, helping to shape it and make it grow so I’m hoping these titles may shed some light on their experiences.  Charles Sturt is on this list because I’m a bit of a Sturt groupie and want to read more about his expeditions.  I don’t get out a lot so these are a great resource to tap into online.

Google’s ebooks aren’t available for sale in Australia yet however there are many free and public domain titles to read such as the ones mentioned above.

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