Cheats One Person Tuna Mornay

When the kids were still living at home I used to make a lovely tuna mornay from scratch. This is a very quick microwave recipe for one person. Could be eaten for lunch or tea. I made it for my lunch today. I just used up what I had in the fridge and cupboards.

1 small tin tuna ( I chose plain but it could be flavoured)
sliced frozen potato
small amount of tinned sweet corn kernels
2 heaped teaspoons Kraft cheese spread

Drain tuna and place all the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and cook on high for approx 4 minutes. I cooked mine in 2 minute bursts just so that I could check it in between.

Cash is in short supply at the moment so I’m cooking lots and using up all sorts of things I’ve found in the back of the cupboard and in the bottom of the freezer. I cleaned the freezer out today and am disappointed with the amount I have to throw out. I need to check the freezer more often and use up the things right at the bottom.

Yesterday I made cup cakes from a packet cake mix I found in the cupboard, 5 serves of pasta to freeze for during the week, I’m making a sausage casserole in the crock pot today which I’ll put in bowls and freeze and making a meat, rice and veggie stew for my dog Ezri.

I’m really enjoying the cooking and using my ingenuity to come up with new ways to use ingredients. I’ve been getting the Simple Savings newsletter for some time but now am putting the tips into practice!!

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