The Wight Family – A Project

My Mum’s cousin asked me for some help with researching her Dad’s family. She wanted to know what ship they came to Australia on. I found it really good and challenging to have a new family to research. Having a defined task was good too. I tend to jump all over the place and have to really discipline myself and cut down on distractions to be able to stick to a task. Anyway I wrote her a report myself and annotated it, instead of using a standard report from a genealogy software program or online.

This is what I wrote-

The Wight Family

Charles Wight b circa 1799, England? d 6 Jul 1875, Adelaide
Elizabeth Prior b circa 1802, England? d 4 Sep 1875, Adelaide

Charles and Elizabeth had four children before coming to South Australia.

Margaret Nancy Wight b circa 1832 (not in birth order)
Albert James Wight b circa 1841
Thomas George Wight
male Wight

Passenger List for the ship Brightman, Captain C G Cowley

WIGHT Charles, wife (Elizabeth?), Mgt Nancy, Thos Geo, Albert Jas and son arrived 1850-01-05 on Brightman from London 1849-08-23 via Plymouth


Albert James Wight b circa 1841

Married on 24 Feb 1867 at St Luke’s church, Adelaide

Annie Scriven b circa 1845

Albert and Annie’s children

Fred Scriven Wight b 1867, Adelaide
Mary Prior Wight b 1869, Adelaide
Bessie Martha Wight b 1871, Adelaide
Kate Annie Wight b 1873, Adelaide
Ellie Alberta Wight b 1876, Adelaide
Daisey Scriven Wight b 1878, Adelaide
Albert Lawson Wight b 18 Sep 1879, d 13 Jan 1880, Adelaide
Ruby Hayward Wight b 1881, Adelaide
Albert Raymond Wight b 31 Dec 1883, d 8 Jul 1973, Adelaide
Harry Castle Wight b 1885, Adelaide


A Time Line For Albert James Wight

circa 1841 Birth

23 Aug 1849 Departed London, England

5 Jan 1850 Arrived South Australia on the Brightman

24 Feb 1867 Marriage to Annie Scriven

1869 Went into business with William Symons Billin,
Flinders St, Adelaide

1881 Moved business to Angas St, Adelaide

15 Mar 1883 Sold business to Adelaide
Aerated Water & Brewing Co Ltd

1897 Alleged Stealing in dwellings (no further details
found-don’t know if right person)

Died 8 Dec 1915, Knightsbridge, Adelaide

Annie Wight died circa Jan 1916, Adelaide


Albert James Wight’s headstone

Albert James Wight’s Ginger Beer business

I hope it may be useful or interesting for others too.


  1. Terri Oda

    I just wanted to say that I've been reading your posts through linuxchix live, and I really love how you pull out interesting things in your geneology. Obviously I love the stories most, but I was just struck by how that little ginger beer photo turned an entry which could have been a uninspiring list of dates for people I don't know into something that made me look twice and wonder a bit about who those people were.

    I love hearing tidbits from my own family history, and it's amazing how interesting it can be even when I don't have a connection. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Kylie Willison

    Dear Terri, thank you for your very encouraging comment. You've no idea how it's made my day and encouraged me to keep posting these snippets 🙂

    I also 'wonder at who they were' my relatives and others'. I love the stories of pioneers and their shaping of a community but I also love the stories of the so-called mundane people who didn't appear to achieve much except to raise their families and work at their jobs. I see them as heroes too 🙂

    Kind regards, Kylie 🙂

  3. Anthony Allom

    I see your relation went in to business with William Symons Billin. He may have been my greta great grandfather. Do you have any thing about him.

    Many thanks

    • admin

      Hi Anthony
      The only information I have about William Symons Billin is to do with his business partnership with Albert James Wight in 1869. If you would like to email me kira0030 at I can look up some South Australian births, deaths and marriages if that would help.

      Regards, Kylie

  4. Hi, have this info for WIGHT family arriving SA per ‘Brightman’ 1850

    WIGHT Charles B.1799 (MSX) D.1875
    and w.
    Elizabeth (PRIOR) B.1802 (MSX) M.1820 (MSX) D.1875
    and 4 chn.:
    William Alexander B.1826 D.1898 (later marr. 1854 (Vic), Catherine Hannah COX B.1836 D.1912)

    Margaret Nancy B.1831 D.1915 (later marr. 1852 Henry Thomas SPARKS B.C1829 D.1915 – arr. Royal Admial 1838)

    Thomas George B.C1838 D.1907 (later marr. 1859 Julia MATTHEWS B.C1840 D.1917)

    Albert James B.1842 D.1915 (later marr. 1867 Annie SCRIVEN B.1845 D.1916)

  5. KT Carter

    I have a painting of a man – old painting – on the back is written “M Wight Jan 1850″….any one have any ideas?

    • kira0030

      Hi KT, to find out more about the painting we’ll need to know, what country you’re in, a picture of the painting and how did you come to have the painting. You can email me if you like kylie @ and I can ask around in some genealogy groups and see if anyone can help.
      Kind regards

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