Dyeing Fabric

This is a wrap around skirt I made last year at college. I dyed it back then but didn’t like it so I dyed it again, using rust dye, recently and left it out on the clothes line for about a week too. It doesn’t look good in this photo and I’m still not quite happy with it. I’m wondering about printing on it or over dyeing it a much darker colour. Any ideas anyone?

I’m a lot happier with these experiments with disperse dyeing with bleach. I used full strength bleach, applied it with a spoon, rinsed in vinegar and then water, dried and then ironed them. I want to try some more using different coloured fabrics.


  1. Jillian

    Hi Kylie,
    I really don't know much about dyeing, but I would think that if you tie-died using a darker colour, that would work.

    The bleach ones look great! 😀

    Have a great week,

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