How Does A Homeschooling Mum Move On From Homeschooling?

How does a homeschooling Mum move on from homeschooling? I wonder does one at all? I’m in the position where both my children are in the workforce and only one lives at home now. I grieve the loss of this close relationship with my children but also celebrate their moving on into a new realm of their lives. They are both still learning and I can still have a part in that albeit a very small one for Doug who isn’t living at home any more. Jess is navigating the full time work environment and all the challenges that brings and doesn’t mind some input from Mum from time to time.

However back to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not sitting at home moping (although I’ve done that). I’m moving on with my life now – studying and preparing to do some teaching in the future as well as doing some voluntary work but I just read Beverley Paine’s homeschooling newsletter and that got me thinking about what I miss from homeschooling and wondering how does one move on?

So I’m posing the question and would really like your feedback!!


  1. appleleaf

    I’m not at that stage yet but would like to know what you find out. I’d like to know more about homeschooling teenagers, as my eldest is now 14. You must feel as if you’ve done a good job to have seen them out in the workforce.
    Hey, the Torrens must be looking good after today’s rainfall. We haven’t seen such a great one for such a long time.

  2. Kylie Willison

    Sorry Paula I only just noticed your comment. I must've missed the email. I haven't had any feedback on moving on from homeschooling yet. Hs for teens though I found 'fairly' easy as they mainly chose good things for themselves to do – community service in CFS, St Johns Ambulance, Teen Challenge, and our church. Part time work as well as studying for Ls and then Ps some Maths, English, Chemistry, Computing, Art & Music thrown in for good measure. It was partly self-directed learning and partly from me. I look back and there's more I would like to have done but isn't hindsight a wonderful thing 🙂

    The rain was fantastic, I've taken a heap more photos of the Torrens flowing wonderfully and it's still flowing now actually.

    Take care, Kylie

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