Follow Up From “How Does A Homeschooling Mum Move On?”

Now that I’m no longer ‘schooling’ my own children I’m out in the big, wide workplace again. It’s a scary place to be when you haven’t worked for a long time. I’ve kept my skills up doing some paid and voluntary work but it’s still scary to be facing the workforce again at nearly 40.

As far as moving on from homeschooling is concerned though, I’m actually getting some work tutoring primary school children. I’m using the skills I’ve developed so far in life and homeschooling my children to earn some income.

I’ve got two students at the moment one is 5 and the others is 8. I get to design lesson plans and individual lessons again! Yay!! I’m dividing the lessons up into 10 minute segments to keep the interest and attention up. It’s lots of fun working with these young ones again, I enjoy the one to one work and seeing them making progress!!

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