Please Pray For My Son

We’ve just found out that Doug has Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome a heart condition. He had minor surgery last week and the anesthetist picked it up on the ECG.

Please pray for Doug’s healing and peace of mind as he’s undergoing tests. As he hasn’t had any symptoms they may not need to do anything other than check his heart regularly. He’ll be seeing a cardiologist in August.


  1. Kevin

    Hi from the US! Sorry to hear about your sons condition ;-( One of the odd things that happened recently is that my dad had a minor medical emergency. And this lead to the discover of a previously unknown medical problem and this lead to the problem being know and a treatment being found. Which seems to be similar to what you experienced. It is better for him to know about a previously unknown condition than to not know and then have that problem manifest itself with more dire consequences at a latter date. At least that is my take on it. And I consider it ‘good luck’.
    Hope he is well!

  2. Kylie Willison

    Thanks for your kind comments and prayers! Kevin you’re right it’s much better to know about Doug’s condition now than to find out when it’s too late!

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