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I’m running Totem-xine and the screensaver keeps coming on during a movie. I’ve Googled this problem and read the resulting pages. There were bug reports to Ubuntu about this. I couldn’t find any info on how to fix it though. The last thing that I found said that “the bug is known and fixed upstream”. What does that mean? Does it mean that if I update my distro it is fixed in the latest release? I’m currently using Ubuntu Dapper. The page I’m referring to is here. The couple of other pages I found on Google didn’t have how to fix it either.

I’ve posted this question to a mailing list I’m on too so whatever answers I get I’ll post them here also.

I often come back to my blog to look up answers to technical questions I’ve posted here, especially if I don’t have my laptop with me. It’s proven useful to others sometimes too going by the comments that I get, so I’m glad that it’s helpful to others.


  1. Kylie Willison

    I didn’t really get the kind of answers to this that I was hoping for. Most people said update Totem or update your operating system. The other response I got was disable the screensaver before playing the movie.

    Thanks to everyone who replied!


  2. Anonymous

    ScottK (from Ubuntu Launchpad group) says, “It [fixed upstream] means Gnome has already fixed the bug and the fix will be in Gutsy.”

    Thanks for bringing attention to this issue! I googled this subject and came across your page.

  3. Mister Acacia

    And here we are, half way through 2011, and the definition of "fixed upstream" seems a little more vague. My netbook is running xubuntu 10.10 (so it's using xscreensaver and not gnome-screensaver) and it has the same problem.

    Swimming and swimming, and it seems we're not yet upstream.

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