I’ve Wanted A Day Like This For A long Time

Today we had no schedule we didn’t even get dressed until after lunchtime 🙂

Jess and I played board games and quiz games, ate biscuits and messed around!! It was great. We made up some of our own Australian quiz questions too. Somehow we got on to making dress ups for our cat and dog. Then Jess dressed me up in newspaper clothes! and took photos. She also made a boat out of a plastic container and decorated it. It was a totally natural, relaxed day of learning and fun together. There wasn’t any of the usual stress of learning times!

It was fun doing these silly and perhaps childish things for a change. This went down much better than the work we did on nonsense words, comedy genres etc which I blogged about a few weeks ago. I guess it’s the actual doing that engages her, rather than the talking about it or writing about it. I’ve tried to orchestrate these sort of days but they just haven’t worked. I suppose everyone needs to be in the right mood at the same time.

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