Re: Laptop Woes & Do You Do Backups?

Leaving the battery out for a few hours fixed my laptop! It got itself stuck in hibernate mode or something similar. See previous post. Apparently leaving the battery out causes it to forget what it was doing, or trying to do, and then it boots as usual.

Big thanks to my sister for telling me this one. She usually has the solution to my computer troubles šŸ™‚ I thought I’d killed it this time šŸ™ and I am one of the world’s worst backer-upper-ers and yet I tell all my students and clients they must back up all the time!

Is this a common thing? Are the technically savvy, or even slightly technically oriented, slack when it comes to back ups?

I’ve paid the price terribly in the workplace when our Teen Challenge centre was burnt down in 2002.

All the backups were on site and also they weren’t up to date so even if they’d been kept off site they still wouldn’t have been complete.

Are you a good backer-upper-er or is it one of those things that just keeps getting left until later?


  1. Anonymous

    absolutely I do backups every week. I have two external USB hard drives (300GB).

    All proposals, documents, photos etc get copied to both drives once a week, on different days

    Both drives are then stored in separate locations, in case of theft, fire etc. Certainly one thing that has changed in life these days, digitial photogaphy required far more thought in backup and retention than ever before. Then again keeping the photos in the packet with the negatives was always fraught with danger also.

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