Tuesday at LCA

Tuesday I went to the LinuxChix miniconf and heard Sulamita Garcia and Akkana Peck. Sulamita apologised for her poor English at the start of her talk but there was really no need. Her English was fine! Is Free Software A Macho Thing? Women And FOSS was her topic. The talk was well researched, supported with statistics and studies and very well presented. One of the points I took to heart was – “don’t put yourself down, if you can do something and you’re asked about it, say so” I’m terrible with this.

Akkana’s Bug Fixing For Non Programmers was also excellent. Not being a programmer myself it was full of teriffic tips for bug fixing or just changing ‘features’ which you don’t like. 🙂

I ducked out of LinuxChix and went to Open Office for a session.
Michael Still and Stewart Smith spoke about ‘Preparing A Manuscript For Publication Using OO’. The parts of this talk I found helpful were the actual book writing tips and things like one chapter per file.

Leslie Hawthorn’s Google Summer Of Code was next. It’s good to hear about the things people are doing and how Google is helping them achieve their goals.

Next I found a quiet couch had a sleep and then did some quiet surfing, email etc.

I’m uploading my conference photos to Flickr if anyone wants to look.


  1. Rammer Services

    Hi Kylie sounds like you are having a great time over there. Keep hydrated and look forward to hearing all about it over a cuppa some time. Take care and chat again soon.
    Glad to see that you were able to attend a sevice too, I really need to attend some as well. Hheheh next gathering next MB Show in 2007

  2. Kylie Willison

    Yeah, see you at the show LOL 🙂 tho we really should catch up before then.

    Thanks for posting a comment!

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