Wednesday LCA2007 – Electronics Day

Wednesday was electronics day for me at LCA. The talks I went to were:

Albatross: Open UAV Project – John Stowers & Hugo Vincent

Electronics With Linux & OLPC Testing – James Cameron

Printing A Penguin – Vik Olliver

How To Build On Open Source Segway – Geoffrey D. Bennett

My favourite was James Cameron. As well as his content I totally enjoyed his presenting style, he was very easy to listen to and understand. He was confident in himself and that he could adequately cover his topic and answer any questions which came up. His talk included:

display and discuss car boot based wireless automatic offsite backup system, using OpenWRT, rsync, ssh, and a laptop hard drive

show a few recent small-scale personal projects, such as the motion detecting night light
or the doorbell pulse extender and event logger

The testing of the One Laptop Per Child laptops was teriffic with slides and photos.

There is a video of the talk available for download here.

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