I have always loved maps so when I started researching my ancestors I could indulge my love for them even more.  I found the following prints at a market in Port Adelaide recently.  They were drawn by Thomas Moule in 1830.  I hadn’t heard of Moule but looked him up when I got the maps. … [Read more…]

My Tribute

I’ve taken some time before writing this, to remember and to grieve.  I miss my friend Catherine Crout-Habel and this is my tribute.  I’m reading other people’s blog tributes and this is proving harder to write than I thought it would be. I met Catherine through our mutual love of genealogy and blogging.  We soon … [Read more…]

Being A Grandma

I’m extremely proud of my kids and always thought that being a Mum was the best thing ever.  Now that I’ve been a Grandma for 21 months I think they’re about equal.  Josiah is 21 months and my daughter is due to have another boy next week!!!         So this is one … [Read more…]

A Walk Before Church

Sunday morning I went for a little walk before church to take some photos of Hobbs House as I had seen it on a walk once before.         This tree is just a little way along the path in front of the house and was possibly used as a shelter by Indigenous … [Read more…]