Re: My New Service To Connect You With The Rats of Tobruk

Here are some responses I’ve had from people who have requested diary excerpts.

One user expressed deep appreciation for the diary excerpts, particularly those mentioning a relative. The timing of the entries held personal significance, as they coincided with important family events. This user also noted the value of the diary in providing context to their family’s wartime experiences, including periods of recuperation.

Another user found the diary snippets to be a poignant complement to their personal journey to Egypt for the 80th anniversary of significant World War II events. The entries provided a richer understanding of the places they visited and the experiences of a relative during the war. They were so moved by the content that they shared it with other family members.

Overall, the service has been positively received, with users finding personal and historical value in the diary excerpts. The careful indexing of people mentioned has been particularly appreciated, enhancing the personal connection users feel to the past.