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I woke up this morning to find that my DNA results are in and one person has contacted me already!!  I’m excited to get stuck in to checking out all the matches and following the leads they bring!  I chose Ancestry DNA because I’m already an avid Ancestry user and also because I can download my raw results and upload them to other DNA testing providers such as Family Tree DNA to get even more matches and interpretation tools.

Hopefully there will be more blog posts to come about my matches and the knocking down of brick walls.


          • Mine is similar has a big bunch of Scandinavian dna. I would have put money on my husband having more Scandinavian dna than me, as one branch of his family came from the Shetland Islands, which I think historically belonged to Denmark until the marriage of a Danish princess to a Scottish prince. But evidently his family stopped at home and fished, and didn’t go off to Denmark, or come from there, and and I am the one with the Scandinavian dna.

  1. admin

    Hi Lenore
    Yes you would expect your husband to have more Scandinavian DNA. I wasn’t expecting the Irish and Scandinavian to be the two highest percentages. I knew there would be some Scandinavian but not this much.

    Kylie 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks Pauleen, I hope I can get my head around the deeper stuff, at the moment I’m doing the easy matches.

    • admin

      It certainly is!! I’ve just been helping a new cousin tonight to find his birth father through our respective DNA results.

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