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Whilst doing some research for someone else today I was thrilled to find this baptism record because it gave more clues than just the baptism and I haven’t seen one with this extra information before.

Birth and baptism record for Sarah Blears

Birth and baptism record for Sarah Blears

On the second row from left to right it has the date of birth, 5 Feb 1865, date of baptism 12 Mar 1865, child’s name, names of parents Wilbraham and Margaret, surname Blears, address 64 Mop Lane, father’s occupation Boiler Maker, and the signature of who performed the ceremony.

Underneath that on a new line it says, “late Hodson, m, at Cathd 1853”.  I hadn’t seen this on a baptism record before so I looked at the rest of the page and found it written on other entries like the one above Sarah’s.  At first I wondered if it meant the town they were from, that Hodson was a town but then the next part I was fairly sure was “married at Cathedral 1853”.  My next idea was maiden name.  Could it be Sarah’s mother’s maiden name?  Excitedly I searched for a marriage between Wilbraham (he switches between William and Wilbraham) Blears and Margaret Hodson and this is what I found.

William Blears Wedding

William Blears’ Marriage

I would certainly like to find more baptism registers with these extra details on them in the future!

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