1. Jo

    Wonderful Kylie
    Thanks for all your hard work. I’d love to meet you one day
    Jo Perks – my mother was Merle Heeps.

    • admin

      Yes I would love to meet some time too Jo, perhaps we can each go half way and meet in Elmore one day…….

  2. Maureen Trotter

    Great find Kylie.
    There are a couple of familiar names that might possibly be very distantly related to me too.
    No ancestors, unfortunately!

    I will share the image link to the Gippsland Genealogy Facebook group in case anyone there is more closely related.

  3. admin

    That’s great Maureen, I am working on the image making individual pictures so that people can download a picture of their ancestor. I will have them here on my website when they’re done.

    Kylie 🙂

  4. Kym Nash

    I purchased the poster from the Victorian Library in Feb 2013 and told Kylie about it. I do have a photograph of James Heeps ( Portrait). I am connected through Eliza Heeps ( a sister of James) Cheers Kym Nash

    • admin

      Hi Kym
      I remember being in touch with you but I had forgotten about the poster. It’s a great one isn’t it.

      Kind regards

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