Visiting Adelaide Zoo

Last Thursday my daughter and I took the grandkids to the zoo.  I hadn’t been for about fifteen years so I was very pleasantly surprised by the changes and happy to see some familiar buildings and enclosures too.

Jess and Ilijah feeding the animals

Jess and Ilijah feeding the animals


Ilijah on the left and Josiah on the right

Ilijah on the left and Josiah on the right

The Adelaide Zoological Gardens was opened on 23 May 1883 by Sir William Robinson.  Just lately I’ve been enjoying looking up Trove for information on historical places I have visited in Adelaide, South Australia, where I live.  I love thinking about the history of the museum, the zoo, the state library, and the universities which were all places my ancestors would have been to and visiting them now and also sharing them with my grandchildren makes these experiences even more special to me.  Josiah is only three but I talk to him about how Mummy went there when she was a little girl and so did Grandma and also Grandma Bette (my Mum).

The Elephant House

The Elephant House

2016-02-25 13.34.18

I remember the Elephant House from when I was little. There is no longer an elephant at the zoo though.


A modern enclosure for Siamang apes

A modern enclosure for Siamang Gibbons


  1. Just checking out some of the Pinterest Pins for our Aussie Gene-Bloggers Board and came across this one. I totally agree with Jill that it is important to record these memories.

    • admin

      Thanks Fran, it still feels strange to me being the Grandma recording stories of my childhood 🙂 I do love taking them to places I enjoy though.


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