1. Marian K

    On Ancestry member trees, adding a source and citation to non-Ancestry records is problematic when the record names more than one person of interest. A given citation can’t be attached to more than one person, so for the second spouse on a marriage record, or each person in a will, we have to re-enter the data into those multiple text boxes if we want to do it right.

    I have contacted Ancestry about this by their feedback messages and by phone. The man I talked to couldn’t understand why it was important or why copying and pasting repeatedly was such a barrier to good genealogy. He was also “not authorized” to share with me a copy of whatever he planned to forward to the engineers, if anything.

  2. admin

    Thanks for commenting Marian, yes that is something Ancestry needs to take seriously. I wonder if mentioning it to an Ancestry representative at a conference or expo might make a difference. I might give it a try at the Genealogy Congress in March.

    It hasn’t really been a problem for me, I’m a bit weird and quite like data entry but I understand where you are coming from.

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