1. heather maclean

    Hi my name is Heather Maclean in my research of this i thought this was very odd too, i didnt know that he had been married before so i added the to my tree . I had thought for a long time that I had it wrong but everything leads back to it being correct, their is a son also born 1848.
    first of all i thought they may not have been married, which is possible but a cousin of mine said that they may have gotten married but it may not have been registered for some years later. quiet offen they were married by travelling glergy man who may not have been flash with their paper work.
    i would be interested to hear your thoughts , Regards Heather

    • admin

      Hi Heather
      That’s a really good point, they may have been married before 1838 but the marriage wasn’t registered until later.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. samantha jenkins

    Mary Emily Clerk , also known in papers as Emily Mary Clerk, married Francis Peregrine Huxham, whom is my great great grandfather? If you have any information on them can you email me at: samandteish@gmail.com
    I dont know about then but he was a forest ranger. His father is John Brown Cove Huxham born 1797 . He also has a brother with the same name which was found floating in the bay in Sydney with a gunshot wound through the head). Their son is Henry Arthur Huxham, wife Catherine Jane Flanagan,one of their sons is my grandfather Thomas Peregrine Huxham, wife Doris Meier(Weller is on birth certificate)their daughter ( my mum Barbara Isabel Huxham married David John Thomas, my dad born Jersey channel Islands) they had 7 children, Mandy,Therese,Camille,Samantha(me), Jason,Simon & Benjiman, I married Samantha, Duane Victor Jenkins, Son Jay Peter (whom I lost at birth) lucky had beautiful daughter Teisha Rose Jenkins born 26.4.1995. Google her name & will come up with lots of photo,s & sporting achievements.
    Please email with any extra info or if you need more info I have done a far bit on the Huxham line. 🙂

  3. admin

    Hi Samantha
    I did this research for a client last year. I can pass on your email address to them if you would like.

    Kind regards

  4. Bronwyn Huxham

    Hi my name is Bronwyn Mary Huxham my father is Thomas Peregrine Huxham I am currently looking for photos of my grandparents if anyone could help me please.I would love to show my two daughters .Thank you.

  5. kira0030

    Hi Bronwyn, unfortunately I don’t have any photos, good luck with your search. Maybe Samantha or Heather can help you.
    Kind regards

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