Accentuate The Positive Geneameme

On her Geniaus blog Jill has challenged her readers to Accentuate The Positives of their genealogical research for this year. Here is my response to Jill’s meme.

An elusive ancestor I found was my 2x great grandfather William Scadden.  The trail petered out after the 1871 UK census.  Up to this point he had resided since birth in Camborne, Cornwall but in 1881 I found him living in Liverton, Yorkshire with his daughter as his wife had died in 1875.

A precious family photo I found was a photo of my Grandma from 1938 courtesy of Trove.

Bette Buring

An important vital record I found was the marriage of my 3x great grandparents James Wigley and Jane Carousa.  I wrote to the Nottinghamshire Family History Society and they went out of their way to not only provide information from their database they also went to the Nottinghamshire Archives and sent me a copy of the original marriage register page!!  This means I now have a definite surname for Jane and can continue the search for her.

A geneasurprise I received was a gentleman contacted me via my blog about a Bible he had which he thought may have belonged to my 4x great grandfather Joseph Greenway.  Here is the blog post I wrote about it.

In 2013, in amongst life, I managed to post 28 blog posts.  I was pleasantly surprised when I counted them up as I didn’t think there were that many!  🙂

My 2013 blog post that received a large number of hits or comments was about my blog being listed in Jill’s Inside History list of Top 50 Blogs.

A social media tool I enjoy using for genealogy is still Google Plus the same as last year.  I’ve greatly enjoyed the Google Hangouts On Air which I’ve watched live too.  When I get my new headset I hope to participate too.

A genealogy conference/seminar/webinar from which I learnt something new was put on by the State and National Archives Adelaide office.

I am proud of the beginners genealogy course I taught at Teen Challenge SA.  The participants learnt some basic research skills and how to use for building their family trees.

I taught a friend how to (see above)

A great repository/archive/library I visited was the National Library in Canberra.  My sister and I had a week in Canberra for researching and we had an absolute ball!!!  

It was exciting to finally meet my cousin Joanne who I have corresponded with for several years and who has helped me enormously in my research and is always happy to share her findings!!

Another positive I would like to share is my sister and I made family history folders for our Mum, Brother, Stepfather and Auntie and Uncle for Christmas presents which included some never before seen photos, stories and newspaper articles.  Our grandfather had died when Mum, Auntie and Uncle were young and my sister and I were able to trace part of his life via his work with the Royal Life Saving Society which was copiously documented in newspapers and when I inquired of the RLSS they gave me a complimentary copy of their book on the history of the society which we also gave to Mum for Christmas.  I have been dying to share some of these revelations however I had to wait until after Christmas.  The photo of my Grandma (above) is one such photo we found.


  1. Robyn

    We helped a friend do research before she went to the UK and our contrasting research styles helped find lots of information and previously lost relatives.

    • admin

      Yes Robyn and I have been having lots of fun helping our friend Lee and revealing some skeletons in her family closet. 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks Jill, I just have to get a headset which works with my hearing aid and I’ll be right to join in with the hangouts.

  2. PS Thanks for the link to the Genies Down Under podcasts. I am flabbergasted that I haven’t been aware of these until I read everyone’s posts. I feel like I have been living under a rock!

    • admin

      Thanks Alex, yes it’s good to see all the year’s achievements written down, then you realise just how much you have done. 🙂

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